Welcome to the fox appreciation site, this is to help collect information on, and appreciation for, foxes!

Saturday, February 5, 2011



to clarify, this is a fox appreciation site, and a collection of helpful links for those who want to appreciate foxes, or even look at owning one!

i am planning on owning a pet fox eventually, and want to compile as much information on the subject as possible, along with links on the fox and raising one. If you do not agree with the idea of owning a fox, that is fine, please take your opinion somewhere else, because it wont change my mind. domestication has been around forever and i don't plan on stealing one from the wild, so please if you don't agree with me i understand, but alas i am as stubborn for my point as you are of yours. Furthermore thank you all for coming to my site and i hope that i can at least entertain you!

Pictures that i post will probably be procured from the internet, and i will try my best to refer to the source. anyone with information i will gladly post, so just send a message, and i will try to represent you to the best of my ability!

thank you and enjoy!

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