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My fox experiment

My Fox Experiment

Plan: as the video above suggests, and probably what a few of you readers have already researched, foxes have been domesticated in Russia. This is not a debate of if we should domesticate foxes, but a testament of it actually happening! i don't want to go into detail on how or why, but in the 1950's an experiment took place which the end result was a tame fox. after the fall of the soviet union, the experiment, lost all of its funding, and has had to resort to selling the foxes to fur farms, and as pets. the issue is not whether its right or wrong to domesticate at this point, but what to do with those animals that exist now. my plan, is to try and procure funds to get one of these foxes.

Research: After much research on where to find these animals, i have come across two site links:

Sibfox i am a little hesitant on, but that is becuase of the lack of information on the site. When i first came across this site, there were only pictures, and care tips. Lately i noticed a revamp of the site, to include links, and information that may help verify this site.
well put together site, apparent authorized distributor of domestic foxes with links now to Russian institute
NO testimonials on site, price of foxes about $5900, business has been previously based out of two separate states, both states have strict policy on foxes not being allowed as pets, contract has a few worrisome points about refunds. nothing actually proves that this site is legitimate, critical bonding age for fox is spent in quarantine or shot time, (first 3 months)


This is the original site that was the institute of cytology which is the scientific group that performed the experiment
Looks to be source of domestic foxes, pricing is about $2000(found from sybils den), feel more comfortable from source
no reply on emails, have found many testaments that they only deal with EU countries, subject to quarantine laws still, 2000, may not include to america.

UPDATE: found words on sibfox
it would seem that the site entered into a contract with sibfox, as an authorized distributor for America only, and maybe they are not getting the best deal, but now the original site may not be able to deal with Americans directly due to contract with sibfox. the doubled price may just be the flying to the states.

In my opinion, i would say that Russians in general seem hesitant to bring these domestic animals to America, given our track record on dogs and cats. the price is similar to that of purebred dogs, this may be an effort to keep poor minded people from getting a hold of these animals. Furthermore, they all come spayed and neutered, which further proves this thought.(also removes competition)

I think that my best bet, for getting a fox, will either be going to Russia myself, or ordering from sibfox. I think since it is a mild risk, and expensive, i may need donations to make the money for the animal. After which we can find once and for all if sibfox is a legitimate dealer for these domestic animals.  If i end up being able to abodt a fox friend, i will post my results, and comparisons to normal foxes, and if i would recommend going through Sibfox.

Before any action, I want to persue getting as much information from the actual institute. I will be also contacting some friends i have in europe, along with keeping an eye out for just any information on Sibfox.

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